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This command allows you to engage in virtual fishing. Fishing on average will gain the user a decent amount of credits, although it is mostly reliant on rare fish being caught. Fishing has a flat rate of 馃挻 10 when cast. The fish catch and sell rates are as follows:

Rarity Catch Rate Sell Value
Common 34.85% 馃挻 12
Uncommon 10% 馃挻 20
Rare 0.15% 馃挻 1250
Garbage 55% 馃挻 6

This means that on average (heavily depends on how lucky you are with the rare fish), you get 馃挻 11.357 from each cast, which is a 馃挻 1.357 profit (if you count the casting fee). However when spamming the fishy command, chat credits are actually the major part of the income.

Rare fish

Rare fish are represented by various emotes of sea animals. A user cannot own two of the same rare fish type. The rare fish are:

  • 馃悽 - Turtle
  • 馃惓 - Whale
  • 馃悑 - Whale 2
  • 馃悐 - Crocodile
  • 馃惂 - Penguin
  • 馃悪 - Octopus
  • 馃 - Shark
  • 馃 - Squid
  • 馃 - Shrimp
  • 馃惉 - Dolphin
  • 馃 - Crab
  • 馃悺 - Blowfish

Note that "Whale" and "Whale 2" are considered different rare fish despite both being whales.

Warning: If you have a rare fish in your collection and catch the same one again, it will NOT add to your collection - so instead of having 2 rare fish, you will remain with just 1, effectively losing 馃挻 1250.

Selling fish

To sell common and uncommon fish as well as garbage, the user needs to use t!fishy sell common/uncommon/garbage.

For rare fish, the user needs to use t!fishy redeem :emote: with the emote being one of the rarefish the user has.

Example commands

Command Description
Virtually fishes.
t!fishy redeem :octopus:
Redeems/sells a rare fish, in this case an octopus for 馃挻 1250.
t!fishy rarefish
Shows you your collection of rare fish.
t!fishy sell garbage Sells all of your garbage for 馃挻 6 per item.