Tatsu Wiki

These miscellaneous commands are meant to provide fun and entertainment through various means. The commands and their usages are as follows:

Command Description Example Usage
8ball Asks the 8ball a question. t!8ball Is potato soup yummy? asks the 8ball if potato soup is delicious. t!8ball <question>
Beautiful This is beautiful. t!beautiful you are beautiful

t!beautiful @Roo#2675 Roo is also beautiful

t!beautiful [user]
Cat Gives you a random cat. :3 t!cat gives you a cat image.

t!cat gif gives you a cat gif.

t!cat [gif]
Catfacts Your healthy dose of cat facts. t!catfacts gives you a cat fact. t!catfacts
Coin Flips one or more coins. Can only flip a maximum of 70 coins each time. t!coin 50 tosses 50 coins. t!coin [number of coins]
Dice Rolls some dice. t!dice d20 rolls a 20 sided dice.

t!dice 4d6+6 rolls 4 dice that have 6 sides each, with a +6 modifier, which adds 6 to the total.

t!dice d20 4d6 completes both rolls and adds the two sums

t!dice perc rolls two d10's to give a percentile roll

t!dice [(rolls)d(sides)][+|-(number)]
Dog Gives you a random dog. ●ᴥ● t!dog gives you a random dog. t!dog
Dogfacts Your healthy dose of dog facts. t!dogfacts gives you a random dog fact. t!dogfacts
Fortune Gets a random fortune. t!fortune gets a random fortune.

t!fortune computers gets a fortune related with computers.

t!fortune science gets a fortune related with science.

t!fortune [all | computers | cookie | definitions | miscellaneous | people | platitudes | politics | science | wisdom]
Ratewaifu Rates a waifu randomly. t!ratewaifu Tatsu rates Tatsu. t!ratewaifu <user>