Tatsu Wiki

These commands provide various types of information about the bot and other things. The commands and their usages are as follows:

Command Description Example Usage
Server Avatar Fetches you the server avatar of a person. Incase of no server avatar, displays the global avatar. t!avatar server Morrigan
Avatar Gets a user's avatar. Can mention multiple users. t!avatar gets your Avatar.

t!avatar @​user1 @​user2 gets the avatar URLs for user1 and user2

t!avatar <[user 1] [user 2] [user 3] [user 4]>
Channel Shows info about a channel. Use the 'topic' flag to get the channel's topic message. Supports both channel mentions and names. t!channel displays information of the current channel.

t!channel #general displays information of the #general channel.

t!channel topic shows the topic message of the current channel.

t!channel #general topic shows the topic message of the #general channel.

t!channel [ channel | topic ]
Color Displays and provides details of a color or its related colors, or displays a combined image of multiple colors when given their hex ID, HSL value, RGB value, CYMK value, or CSS name. t!color #ffffff Displays and provides details of the color white.

t!color rgb(0,0,0) hsl(0,100%,50%) cmyk(0%,76%,0%,20%) Displays an image with the colors black, red and blue.

t!color gradient orange red purple Displays an image gradient of orange, red, and purple from left to right.

t!color random Displays and provides details of a random color.

t!color shades #4d4d4d 50 Displays 50 shades of the color #4d4d4d.

t!color complementary blue Displays and provides details of the complementary color of blue, which is yellow.

t!color triadic 16761035 Displays the triadic colors of pink.

t!color [gradient | random | shades | tetrad | triadic | splitcomplement | complementary | monochromatic | analogous] <color 1> [color 2] [color 3]
Emoji Displays and provides information on custom emoji in Discord. Can work with multiple emojis at once. t!emoji :swag: Displays and provides the name and link to the :swag: emoji.

t!emoji :swag: :tatsuworks: :sadpotato: Displays information of all 3 emojis.

t!emoji :smile: Displays an error message as t!emoji does not work with default emoji.

t!emoji <emoji1> [emoji2] [emoji3]
Info Shows info about a user. t!info shows info about yourself

t!info @Tatsu#8792 shows info about Tatsu

t!info [user]
Role Shows info about a role. Can use ID, name or mention the role. Add <code>--color</code> at the end to show details of the role's color. t!role hot potatos shows info about the role with the name "hot potatos"

t!role 175654938540638208 --color shows details of the color of the role with ID 175654938540638208.

t!role role [--color]
Server Shows info about the current server. Can be used to get the server's icon and roles. t!server shows info about this server.

t!server icon shows this server's icon.

t!server roles shows this server's roles.

t!server [icon | roles]
Shard Shows the shard number of a server. t!shard returns the shard number of this server.

t!shard server ID returns the shard number of the server with given server ID.

t!shard [server ID]