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This command is used to set up and modify leveled roles. Leveled roles are roles that are based on Server Score. Once a user receives the specified amount of Server Score, a role will be awarded to them. Many people use this as a ranking system to encourage user activity.

Setup (With Commands)

  1. In your Server Settings, create the roles you want to set as leveled roles. Be sure that they are below Tatsu's role.
  2. Use the command t@leveledroles to open the leveled roles menu.
  3. Choose option 1 by typing the number 1. This will enable the leveled roles module.
  4. Use the command t@leveledroles again.
  5. Choose option 2 by typing the number 2.
  6. Type in the name of your leveled role. Such as Leveled Role 1.
  7. Type in the required Server Score for your leveled role.
  8. Repeat steps 4-7 to add more roles.

For a guide on how to create leveled roles using Tatsu's dashboard, click here.


Tatsu must have either Manage Roles or Administrator permission, and the Tatsu role must be above the other roles in Discord settings.

The default limit is ten leveled roles, but you can increase it by supporting.

Text replacements

You can use these text replacements to mention specific information in the role earned message. More text replacements are available here. The message can be set via the t@leveledroles command (option 7) or through the dashboard.

Command Action Example
$ROLE$ Displays the name of the role earned "Distinguished"
$ROLEID$ Displays the ID of the role earned 748660592381788202
<@&$ROLEID$> Mentions the role earned @Distinguished

Example commands

Command Description
t@leveledroles Opens a menu to edit leveled roles and related settings.