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View and manage your mail. Mail contains messages sent by developers and can have items attached to them.

When you have new mail, you will see an animated red mail icon.

Monthly Supporter Mail

All supporters can claim exclusive Tatsugotchi-related items from their mail for free every month. Items will change every month.

You will get these things in your mail every month:

  • 2 themed furniture pieces to go alongside the month's furniture bundle.
  • 2 themed badges.
  • 1 themed pet cosmetic.

You can become a supporter by visiting the Support Us page.


Command Description
t!mail Opens a menu to view, claim and delete mail.
t!mail claim Claims all unclaimed items from your mail.
t!mail mark Marks all mail as read.
t!mail delete Deletes all mail.

You can also use t!box as an alias.