Tatsu Wiki

Displays the user's profile. An explanation of all things found on the card can be found below:

  • Country badge: shows a country you've set the bot to display. Can be changed using the t!setcountry command.
  • Title: shown under your name, this title can be set on the online dashboard.
  • About: a text section for you to provide information about yourself. You can change the text on the online dashboard.
  • Global XP: the total amount of XP you've earned. Global XP is responsible for your levels.
  • Chat activity: the total amount of your chat activity, unaffected by supporter perks and used for the global activity rankings.
  • Reputation: the total amount of rep points you've received.
  • Badges: various badges you've bought from the store, can be set up on the online dashboard.

The background for the profile card along with the level-up card may be changed in the "my profile" tab on the dashboard.

Example commands

Command Description
t!profile View your own profile card.
t!profile @Mathspy#0001 View Mathspy's profile card.
t!profile progress View approximately how many more messages you need to level up.
t!profile @Mathspy#0001 progress View Mathspy's profile progress.