Tatsu Wiki

Displays the user's rank card. An explanation of all things found on the card can be found below:

  • Title: same as your title on the profile card.
  • Reputation: same as the rep shown on the profile card.
  • Server score: the amount of server score you've received in the server you've used the command in. The progress bar reflects the amount you need to reach the next leveled role, or lets you know if you've already received all leveled roles. Note that server score, also known as server exp, is different to global XP. Server score gain amount can be modified using t@persistence.
  • Supporter status: displays a heart if you are a supporter of the bot.
  • Accolades: allows you to equip up to 8 accolades, server specific items which you can buy using points. They can be set up for a server using the item creator.

The background for the rank card along with the wallet card may be changed in the "my servers" tab after opening a server on the dashboard.

Example commands

Command Description
t!rank View your server rank card.
t!rank @Dabido#0001 View Dabido's rank card.