Tatsu Wiki

These commands allow you to search the Internet for various types of information and content. The commands are as follows:

Command Description Example Usage
Anime Gets details of an anime from AniList. t!anime Violet Evergarden searches for the anime Violet Evergarden t!anime <anime title>
Image Search for and return images or videos from Imgur.
t!image anime --week searches an image with the tag anime that has been posted one week ago. t!image <subreddit> [--day | --week | --month | --year | --all]
Urban Search and return Urban Dictionary definitions. t!urban simp search Urban Dictionary for the phrase 'simp' t!urban <search terms>
Weather Get the weather in a specified city or country. t!weather London will get the weather for London, UK. t!weather 10016,US will get the weather for New York City, USA. t!weather <City/City,Us> or <zip/zip,us>
Wiki Search for and return Wikipedia articles. t!wiki chicken searches Wikipedia for an article about chickens t!wiki <search terms>
YouTube Search for and return YouTube videos. t!youtube Tatsu searches YouTube for a video with Tatsu in it.

t!youtube searches YouTube for a random video of any kind.

t!youtube <search terms>