Tatsugotchi is a pet management minigame in which you can manage a number of pets which come in three types: birds, cats and dogs. A full list of Tatsugotchi can be found here.

Taking care of your pet

Your pet has four main attributes: Hunger, Filthiness, Love, and Fatigue. You will need to monitor them while you take care of your pet, because they will decrease as time passes. They only replenish when you feed, clean, or play with your pet with t!tg feed, t!tg clean, and t!tg play respectively. Fatigue increases while training or walking the pet and decreases passively when you stop interacting with your pet. Maximum fatigue will make training the pet award no pet exp.

Value range for Hunger, Filthiness and Love is 10-15, while the range for Fatigue is 500-525. These stats are random for every pet, and cannot be modified.

If your pet's Hunger and Love reach 0, and it's Filthiness reaches max, it will run away. Make sure you tend to your pet's needs regularly. If you are unable to look after your pet, you can prevent it from running away by placing it in the nursery or buying all 3 carers (find out more about each option below).


A beginner's guide to Tatsugotchi v2.

All Tatsugotchi after the first will automatically go to the nursery when unwrapped. Taking Tatsugotchi out of the nursery is free. However, manually putting any Tatsugotchi in the nursery will cost 2,000 credits, and your pet will not run away as long as it is in the nursery. You cannot play or interact with your pet while it is in the nursery.


Every 50 levels, your tatsugotchi will be able to prestige. To do this, use t!tg prestige. After doing this your pet will reset to level 1. There are currently 9 levels of prestige available, all listed below with their respective icons:

Prestige 1
PET Prestige 1 Static.png
Prestige 2
PET Prestige 2 Static.png
Prestige 3
PET Prestige 3 Static.png
Prestige 4
PET Prestige 4 Static.png
Prestige 5
PET Prestige 5 Animated.gif
Prestige 6
PET Prestige 6 Animated.gif
Prestige 7
PET Prestige 7 Animated.gif
Prestige 8
PET Prestige 8 Animated.gif
Prestige 9
PET Prestige 9 Animated.gif

Note that prestige levels 5 and above have an animated icon.

Pet carers

You can purchase pet carers from the Tatsu shop. These pet carers come in three varieties (one for feeding, one for cleaning and one for playing) and maintain the attribute related to them for a week. An important thing to note is that these carers do not fill the attributes or stop actions such as training and walking from depleting them.

A good usage of these carers would be in case the player will not be able to take care of their pet for a week, and purchases all three carers so that the pet's attributes would remain the same until the player's return.


The user can take their Tatsugotchi on walks, during which the Tatsugotchi may find furniture, cosmetic items, credits, tokens and even old Tatsugotchi who had previously ran away. Chances of finding each of the items are following:

  • 500 - 1500 Credits: 3.366%
  • Previously lost pet: 0.8% (can only occur if any pet has been lost)
  • Furniture: 0.3%
  • Cosmetics: 0.3%
  • 10 - 30 Tokens: 0.035% (increased by 15% and 25% in Plus and Premium servers respectively)

However every walk costs the pet 5 food and Tatsuco Pet Food, which costs 20 Credits, restores 2 food points. With credits found while walking taken into consideration, you lose about 16.33 Credits per walk. This means that every item (furniture or cosmetics) costs you about 2,721.67 Credits on average.

Tip: When spamming walk commands, feed your pet after every 2 walks instead of 1 or 3. Refilling 5 or 15 food will cost you slightly more Credits per food point refilled than refilling 10, because Tatsuco Pet Food always restores 2 food points.


Every unwrapped pet comes with a permanent attitude: cheery, clingy, dummy, grumpy, lazy, listless, neat, sickly, sleepy, smart or tsundere. You can view your pet's attitude using the t!tatsugotchi info command. These attitudes affect the rate of attribute decrease/regeneration, as well as the position your pet will most commonly be in when you check it.

Known effects:

  • Sleepy: -20% fatigue recovery rate (-1/18s from -1/14.4s)

Example commands

Command Description
t!tatsugotchi display
Displays a random room view with your Tatsugotchi in it.
t!tatsugotchi visit <other player>
Displays a random room view of another's house and Tatsugotchi, with your Tatsugotchi in it.
t!tatsugotchi clean
Cleans up after your Tatsugotchi's dirty mess.
t!tatsugotchi feed
Feeds your hungry pet. Costs money and uses pet food.
t!tatsugotchi play Spends some time and loving with your Tatsugotchi. Increases love.
t!tatsugotchi train
Teaches some tricks to your Tatsugotchi, if it listens. Increases fatigue and grants exp.
t!tatsugotchi walk
Take your Tatsugotchi out on a walk and quite possibly find some items. Grants exp, increases fatigue and reduces fullness.
t!tatsugotchi capsules Select a Tatsugotchi capsule from the list available to open.
t!tatsugotchi carer Select a carer from the list available to take care of your Tatsugotchi with.
t!tatsugotchi edit Opens up a universal edit menu for the whole of Tatsugotchi. Accesses the nursery, cosmetics, houses and UI skins. t!help tatsugotchi edit provides more info.
t!tatsugotchi nickname <nickname> Nicknames your Tatsugotchi. For example, t!tatsugotchi nickname Fabby Duh nicknames your Tatsugotchi "Fabby Duh".
t!tatsugotchi nursery
Views the entire list of Tatsugotchis you have with their relevant statistics.
t!tatsugotchi unwrap
Select a wrapped Tatsugotchi from the list available to unwrap.
t!tg prestige Used at level 50 to prestige your pet. Doing this will reset your level to 1 and give you a prestige badge.

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