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Tatsugotchi is a pet management minigame in which you can own and interact with a number of pets coming in three types: birds, cats and dogs.


The primary source of Tatsugotchi is opening capsules:

  • From shop for 10,000 credits, or Pet+ Capsule for 450 tokens).
  • Players who had Tatsugotchi before the major rewrite were given a special capsule, from which they could choose Tatsugotchi with any rarity equal or below to the rarity of their original Tatsugotchi.
    • Capsules with any pet with rarity equal or below Very Rare are available during the launch event from t!spin
  • Special capsules from the launch event from which player can choose any of the 3 emerald pets.
Capsule drop rates
Rarity Pet Capsule

(10,000 credits)

Pet+ Capsule

(450 tokens)

Common 60% 0%
Uncommon 30% 0%
Rare 8% 80%
Very Rare 1% 10%
Epic 0.85% 8.5%
Legendary 0.15% 1.5%

After the capsule is opened, a wrapped Tatsugotchi is added to the user's inventory. At this state, the Tatsugotchi can be traded with other users. The user can only see the pet's basic information such as rarity and species, but not the attributes and they can not interact with it. Once unwrapped, all of the Tatsugotchi's attributes and attitude are revealed and it becomes untradeable, but can still be viewed in the inventory. If the player did not have any active Tatsugotchi when unwrapping, the unwrapped Tatsugotchi becomes their active pet, meaning the user can interact with them and see their attributes change over time. If the user already had an active Tatsugotchi, the pet is moved to the nursery.


A beginner's guide to Tatsugotchi v2.

Your pet has four main attributes: Fullness, Dirtiness, Affection (Love), and Fatigue. The maximum value of these attributes can be between 10 and 15. These values are set at random and cannot be changed. These values decrease or increase in case of dirtiness by 0.5 per hour. These values can only be affected by attitudes. These values can be temporarily frozen with carers or when in nursery. Once all of these values reach their minimum or maximum in case of dirtiness, the pet will run away. All of them can be restored to their initial values using commands:

  • t!tatsugotchi feed restores Fullness, uses 1 Tatsuco Pet Food for 20 credits per 2 points
  • t!tatsugotchi clean restores Dirtiness, does not cost anything
  • t!tatsugotchi play restores Affection, does not cost anything


This attribute's maximum value ranges between 500 and 525 and decreases by 250 per hour. Fatigue starts at 0 and will not make your pet run away. Instead, t!tatsugotchi train and t!tatsugotchi walk commands increase its value by 3 and 10, respectively. If the fatigue value would exceed its maximum, the command will not pass.


Tatsugotchi info card showing the pet's maximum attributes and its attitude.

Every unwrapped pet comes with a randomly chosen attitude. You can view your pet's attitude using the t!tatsugotchi info command.

These numbers below were put together by the community and may not be accurate.

Attitudes and their effects
Attitude Negative effect Positive effect
Clingy +100% affection decay rate (-1/h)
Dummy +25% dirtiness incr. rate (+0.625/h) -50% affection decay rate (-0.25/h)
Grumpy +50% affection decay rate (-0.75/h)
Lazy -20% fatigue recovery rate (-0.2/h)
Neat -60% dirtiness incr. rate (+0.2/h)
Sickly +50% dirtiness incr. rate (+0.75/h)
Sleepy -20% fatigue recovery rate (-0.2/h)
Smart +50% affection decay rate (-0.75/h) -50% dirtiness incr. rate (+0.25/h)

Leveling up

When unwrapped, Tatsugotchi start at level 1. In order to reach higher levels, they need to gain experience. There are 3 ways to do so:

  • Using the t!tatsugotchi train command: +10 - 15 experience, +3 fatigue
    • +3.33 - 5 experience per fatigue or +1,666.67 - 2,500 experience per 2 hours for most attitudes.
    • Preferable and much more effective source of experience.
  • Using the t!tatsugotchi walk command: +5 experience, +10 fatigue
    • +0.5 experience per fatigue or +250 experience per 2 hours for most attitudes.
    • Not a great source of experience, but can give additional items (see walking).
  • Using consumable items. However these items have limited supply and are not tradeable. Possible sources of these items include:
    • Special events, such as launch event (t!bingo reward).
    • Exp potions given to players for the major Tatsu rewrite.

After reaching required amount of experience, Tatsugotchi level up, increasing their level by 1, resetting their experience to 0 and increasing the amount of experience required to reach next level by 200. The maximum level Tatsugotchi can reach is 50, however when this level is reached, Tatsugotchi can still collect up to 10,000 experience. After reaching this amount, t!tatsugotchi prestige command can be used to increase the pet's prestige by 1, resetting its level back to 1. This means that going from level 1, prestige costs total of 255,000 experience, roughly calculating to about 17,000 - 25,500 training commands and a minimum of 200-300 hours worth of fatigue.

Pet starts at prestige level 0 and can reach up to 9. Each prestige level has its own badge which shows up when displaying t!tg info.

Prestige 1
PET Prestige 1 Static.png
Prestige 2
PET Prestige 2 Static.png
Prestige 3
PET Prestige 3 Static.png
Prestige 4
PET Prestige 4 Static.png
Prestige 5
PET Prestige 5 Animated.gif
Prestige 6
PET Prestige 6 Animated.gif
Prestige 7
PET Prestige 7 Animated.gif
Prestige 8
PET Prestige 8 Animated.gif
Prestige 9
PET Prestige 9 Animated.gif

Each prestige level will give your pet a different prestige icon (as seen above), as well as a frame with that icon for your house. Higher prestige also increases how long your pet will wait before running away.


A message displayed when finding an item (a bear chair in this case) while walking.

The user can take their Tatsugotchi on walks using the t!tatsugotchi walk or t!tg walk command, during which the Tatsugotchi may find furniture, cosmetic items, credits, tokens and even old Tatsugotchi who had previously ran away.

The walk system has been re-worked, the exact current drop-rates aren’t known but seems to be along those lines (with full votes buffs) :

  • 300 - 400 Credits: 10%
  • Previously lost pet: (unknown)
  • Furniture: 0.5%
  • Cosmetics: 0.5%
  • 10 - 30 Tokens: 0.03%

(outdated) Previously known drop-rates (no votes buffs) :

  • 500 - 1500 Credits: 3.366%
  • Previously lost pet: 0.8%
  • Furniture: 0.3%
  • Cosmetics: 0.3%
  • 10 - 30 Tokens: 0.034% (the amount, despite the site saying droprate, is increased by 15% and 25% in Plus and Premium servers respectively)

(outdated) Every walk costs the pet 5 fullness, and accounting found credits on average each walk is roughly 16 credits lost, translating to about 2700 credits per furniture based on the current drop rates.

Tip: When spamming walk commands, feed your pet after every 2 walks instead of 1 or 3. Refilling 5 or 15 fullness will cost you slightly more Credits per fullness point refilled than refilling 10, because Tatsuco Pet Food always restores 2 fullness points.

In term of Furnitures rarity drops you can expect (estimation based on a sample of 169 drops) :

  • Common : 35% (35,5)
  • Uncommon : 35% (36,7)
  • Rare : 15% (14,2)
  • Very Rare : 10% (8,3)
  • Epic : 5% (5,3)

As for Cosmetics (estimation based on a sample of 147 drops) :

  • Common : 40% (36,7)
  • Uncommon : 30% (28,6)
  • Rare : 20% (22,4)
  • Very Rare : 10% (12,2)
  • Epic : N/A (0)


There are 2 ways of how to customize your Tatsugotchi (besides housing): putting various cosmetic accessories on it and changing the look of the UI elements.


A Tatsugotchi wearing a Red Rose.

These items can be obtained from various sources:

  • Walking: 0.3% drop rate.
  • The shop: in 'All Items' section, available only for tokens.
    • The event shop: limited-time offers with exclusive items with Event rarity for the event currency.

Additionally, since cosmetics are tradeable, they can be obtained from other players via trading as well.

Tatsugotchis have 3 cosmetic slots: head, eyes and neck. When equipped, the cosmetic item stays in the inventory, meaing it can be still traded while the Tatsugotchi is wearing it, removing it from the Tatsugotchi. Similarly, when a Tatsugotchi runs away or is put into the nursery, its cosmetics will remain in the player's inventory. On every slot, Tatsugotchi can wear a single cosmetic item at once. All cosmetic items have specified slots which they can be added to. Cosmetic items do not affect the Tatsugotchi in any way.

UI Elements

Tatsugotchi information with the Sea Pet Status Card equipped.

Player can alter the look of the UI elements shown when viewing their Tatsugotchi, namely the status card (showing the attribute bars, Tatsugotchi, etc.) and the nametag (shown above the Tatsugotchi). These are only available for tokens from the shop (or event shop for the event currency), however similarly to cosmetics, they also can be traded between players.

When used, the respective UI element's look is changed, but the UI item itself stays in the inventory while it's active. Unlike the cosmetics, the UI change is not bound to the Tatsugotchi. This means that it will not unequip when changing Tatsugotchis - the only way to deactivate the UI element's look change is to change it to a different one or remove it from the inventory via trading. UI elements do not affect the Tatsugotchi in any way.


Pet carers can be purchased from the t!shop for 1,250 credits and activated using the t!tatsugotchi carer command. There are total of 3 carers, each taking care of an attribute. When activated, the carer ensures the attribute will not change by itself over time, effectively making sure the Tatsugotchi cannot run away - which is their main purpose. Their effect lasts for 1 week. Due to all 3 carers costing a total of 3,750 credits a week, if the player is unable to take care of their Tatsugotchi for an unknown longer period of time then the nursery might be a better option.


There are 2 ways of putting Tatsugotchis into the nursery:

  • Using the t!tatsugotchi edit command, which costs 2,000 credits.
  • Unwrapping a new Tatsugotchi while having an active one will automatically place the newly unwrapped Tatsugotchi into the nursery.

While in nursery, the pet is inactive, meaning it cannot be interacted with and its attributes do not change over time, effectively ensuring that the pet will not run away. And you can still view its stats using the t!tatsugotchi nursery command. At the cost of 2,000 credits, this is an effective way of making sure the pet will not run away if the player is unable to take care of the pet for an unknown period of time. However, if you want to keep using the Tatsugotchi as well, the carers will be a better option.

Tatsugotchis can also be taken out of the nursery anytime for free using the t!tatsugotchi edit command. However, keep in mind that player can only have a single active Tatsugotchi (so to take a Tatsugotchi from the nursery, the player needs to have no active Tatsugotchis).

Command cheatsheet

Command Description
t!tatsugotchi display Displays a random room of your house with your Tatsugotchi in it.
t!tatsugotchi visit <other player> Displays a random room of other player's house and Tatsugotchi, with your Tatsugotchi in it.
t!tatsugotchi clean Cleans up after your Tatsugotchi's dirty mess, setting its dirtiness to 0.
t!tatsugotchi feed Feeds your hungry pet, setting its fullness to the maximum value. Uses Tatsuco Pet Food from the inventory. If there is none any, it buys it automatically (cost is the same as the purchase would be manual).
t!tatsugotchi play Spends some time and loving with your Tatsugotchi, setting its affection to the maximum value.
t!tatsugotchi train Teaches some tricks to your Tatsugotchi, if it listens. Increases fatigue and grants experience.
t!tatsugotchi walk Take your Tatsugotchi out on a walk and quite possibly find something valuable. Grants experience, increases fatigue and reduces fullness.
t!tatsugotchi capsules Select a Tatsugotchi capsule to open.
t!tatsugotchi carer Select a carer from the list available to take care of your Tatsugotchi with.
t!tatsugotchi edit Opens up a universal edit menu for the whole of Tatsugotchi. Accesses the nursery, cosmetics, houses and UI skins. t!help tatsugotchi edit provides more info.
t!tatsugotchi nickname <nickname> Nicknames your Tatsugotchi. For example, t!tatsugotchi nickname Fabby Duh nicknames your Tatsugotchi "Fabby Duh".
t!tatsugotchi nursery Views the entire list of Tatsugotchis you have with their relevant statistics.
t!tatsugotchi unwrap Select a wrapped Tatsugotchi to unwrap.
t!tatsugotchi prestige Prestige your pet, resetting its level and increasing the level of its prestige badge.
t!tatsugotchi info Display information about your Tatsugotchi

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