Tatsu Wiki

These commands are meant to provide various utilities. The commands and their usages are as follows:

Command Description Example Usage
Choose Makes a choice for you. t!choose cat | dog | bird chooses between a cat, a dog or a bird. t!choose <option 1> | <option 2> | [options...]
Math Solve simple or complex math equations. t!math round(sqrt(log10(2))) evaluates to 1. t!math <expression>
Remindme Set, remove or see a list of reminders. t!remindme to get dailies in 1 day 2 hours and 32 minutes will remind you "to get dailies" when the time you provided arrives.

t!remindme remove will open a menu so you can remove any of your reminders.

t!remindme list will show you all the reminders you have set.

t!remindme <reminder> in <[0 days] [00 hours] [00 minutes]> | remove | list>
Usage Shows how many people used a command. t!usage server dice tells you how many dice have been rolled in your server.

t!usage profile tells you how many profiles have been checked ever.

t!usage [command | server command]