Tatsu Wiki

Displays the user's various Tatsu currencies. An explanation of all things found on the card can be found below:

  • Supporter status: shows your status as a supporter if you are one.
  • Credits: the total amount of non-tradable credits you have. You earn credits passively, as well as through various means such as fishing, slots, quests, upvoting and dailies.
  • Tokens: shows the amount of your tokens, an alternative currency that allows you to buy items along with credits. You gain tokens through upvoting, maintaining vote streak, finishing all of your daily quests and getting a 6x daily quest streak, walking your Tatsugotchi and dailies if you are a supporter.
  • Server points: a local currency you earn by talking in a server, which can be used to purchase accolades/roles/novelty. The amount of server points gained can be modified using t@persistence.

The background for the wallet card along with the rank card may be changed in the "my servers" tab after opening a server on the dashboard. Supporters can upload any image or gif-provided the specifications of size and image- as their wallet background.

Example commands

Command Description
Displays a user's currencies.
t!wallet Dabido
Displays Dabido's wallet.